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Products Gym Equipment Sparring Partner Punch Bags

Sparring Partner Punch Bags

Products Gym Equipment Sparring Partner Punch Bags

SPPB`s are much more than jus counterweighted heavy bags.

Designed in England and developed in Mexico.

SPPB´s deliver an unpredictable response to punches; each hit produces a different movement emulating the opponent`s response.

Manufactured with tough black synthetic material.

Thorough compliance with mounting procedures and proper use are required for best results.


SKU Model Size Weight Features
E520 Elusive
40"x11" 35 lb.(bag)
22 lb.
Swift for punch precision
E525 Combat
36"x13" 37 lb.(bag)
19 lb.
Agile for strength and speed
E530 Power
36"x13" 61 lb.(bag)
41 lb.
Heavy for punch



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